Wholesale distributor of bakery supplies in the South Florida area. Exporting to the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Bakery Supplies and Equipment, Inc.


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Industries Served

We are a one-stop solution distributing quality bakery supplies and ingredients for 40 years!

Our company ABC Bakery Supply Inc. has been dedicated to the distribution of quality bakery supplies and ingredients for the past forty years.  We are best known for delivering the ultimate product knowledge, creativity, innovation, dedicated customer support and cost effective solutions consistently.


We provide our services to bakeries, food manufacturers, pizzerias, food service operators, restaurants, hospitality industry, cruise lines, commercial bakers and independent markets among others.


Our staff works closely with each of our customers to identify their needs and challenges and to offer them the best solutions that will make their business stable, successful and profitable!

One-stop solution distributor of quality bakery supplies and ingredients.

ABC Bakery distributes the most reputable bakery product brands.  Brands that specialize in manufacturing high quality cake, pastry, bread mixes and confectionary decorating products. Provide an extensive line of fillings with delicious flavors, and varying textures, including fruity, creamy, specialty fillings, donut fillings, gourmet, pastry, crème pie, whole and sliced fruit filings, solid, powdered, smooth vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese.ABC Bakery Supply offers cost effective solutions, on time delivery and superior customer service coupled with unrivaled product knowledge. Leading wholesale supplier of tailored bakery items and solutions for food industry operators.Specialty flours including bran, corn, all purpose, white rye, whole wheat, semolina for breads, pastas, pies, noodles, pizzas and more.Carry a large selection of sweeteners for candy, desserts and many other bakery items for multiple baking options.