Wholesale distributor of bakery supplies in the South Florida area. Exporting to the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Bakery Supplies and Equipment, Inc.


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About our Company

A.B.C. Bakery Supply is a leading wholesale distributor of bakery supplies with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Our company is family owned and operated and has been in business for over forty years. Today we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of bakery supplies in the area. We have established close and exclusive representations with world-renowned flour millers and manufacturers who focus on producing high quality products and breakthrough ingredients.


At ABC Bakery Supply we seek for the best to ensure we only deliver the best!


Some of the companies we represent include the largest flour millers in the United States!  They are:

We are currently representing the King Arthur line of flours. In addition, we are the largest distributor for Bunge Foods Inc. We also represent Virginia Dare Flavors, Kraft Food Ingredients Corp and our extensive product line encompasses everything from a diverse line of flours, improvers, preservatives, fruit fillings, mixes, bases, flavors, fresh, active and instant dry yeast.


For over four decades our professional staff has been dedicated to helping our customers achieve their unique business objectives, and in the process we have served from the largest to the smallest retail bakeries, commercial manufacturers, foodservice operators, restaurants and hospitality industries among others.

Our focus continues to be to provide cost effective solutions coupled with superior customer service and attention to detail!

History & Future

Our company ABC Bakery Supply, Inc., was founded back in 1972 with the goal of meeting the local demand for quality products and bakery ingredients. Our quick response, attention to detail, on time delivery, accuracy, and professionalism earned us a leading position in the industry, and our customer base rapidly expanded and began requiring additional product lines.


In response to the increased demand for our services and our expertise, ABC Bakery Supply expanded to offer a comprehensive range of bakery products, as well as additional options customizable to the unique needs and expectations of our growing customers.


Today, our company is equipped with a large facility regularly stocked with thousands of products and options, and our own fleet of trucks ready to distribute bakery supplies and cost effective solutions within the South Florida region or to ship them internationally.  We remain committed to finding quality products and to personally supervising each aspect of our operations to ensure outstanding quality and dependability.


At ABC Bakery Supply, Inc., our capabilities are endless.


Our company is equipped to provide distribution services for a wide variety of baking supplies, and ingredients for:

Retail Bakeries

Wholesale Bakeries

Food-Service Operators

Food Manufacturers


And Other Industries

In addition to our local distribution services, we have and continue to export our products to the Caribbean, and to the Central and South America regions.  Our export demands can range from dough improver and conditioners, Caravan Improve 200, to preservatives such as calcium propionate and sodium propionate among others.  Our flour options are also highly regarded and demanded because flour milled in the United States is known for its superior quality.


ABC Bakery Supply Inc., works in conjunction with various reputable freight forwarders and custom brokers companies, and we are also willing to work with our customers’ preferred carriers.

Commitment of Service

At ABC Bakery Supply we are committed to providing superior products and superior services on an ongoing basis!

For the past four decades, our company has strived to develop long lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers in an effort to deliver on our promise of excellence above all. From the products that we carry, our product expertise, to our customer support, to our shipping arrangements, everything is handled with utmost care, attention to detail and dedication.


Our company remains committed to continuous improvement and to finding the highest quality foods and services that our customers can depend on. We are devoted to providing cost effective solutions to the unique needs of each customer and to always be known as a family business that takes pride on its daily operations and interactions.

We are leaders for a reason: hard work, experience, and an unwavering commitment to building solid relationships!

One-stop solution distributor of quality bakery supplies and ingredients.

ABC Bakery distributes the most reputable bakery product brands.  Brands that specialize in manufacturing high quality cake, pastry, bread mixes and confectionary decorating products. Provide an extensive line of fillings with delicious flavors, and varying textures, including fruity, creamy, specialty fillings, donut fillings, gourmet, pastry, crème pie, whole and sliced fruit filings, solid, powdered, smooth vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese.ABC Bakery Supply offers cost effective solutions, on time delivery and superior customer service coupled with unrivaled product knowledge. Leading wholesale supplier of tailored bakery items and solutions for food industry operators.Specialty flours including bran, corn, all purpose, white rye, whole wheat, semolina for breads, pastas, pies, noodles, pizzas and more.Carry a large selection of sweeteners for candy, desserts and many other bakery items for multiple baking options.