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Bakery Supplies and Equipment, Inc.


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High Glutens Flours

High glutens flours are ideal for bread making including artisan bread, French bread, pastas and bagels among others.


At ABC Bakery Supply we carry a large selection of these flours, which are also known for adding just the right amount of consistency, mouth feel and heartiness to bake the perfect breads. Within our selection we offer the following options:

ABC Special H.G.

Aristocrat H.G.

Golden Lion H.G.

All Trumps H.G

Canadia H.G.

Kyrol H.G.

Golden Tiger H.G.

Cake Flours

Our company ABC Bakery Supply offers a variety of cake flours, the key ingredient that can make a difference between a delicious cake and a decadent cake!  All of the ingredients and bakery supplies that we offer are of the highest quality; this ensures all of our customers’ products deliver an extraordinary flavor.


Among our best selling cake flour is the American Beauty Cake flour.  This flour is very high quality and yields cakes that rise higher and have lighter textures, are fluffier, moist and perfect for any occasion.

We make it easy for your business to succeed!

Unbleached Unbromated Flours

Unbleached and unbromated flours are healthier options that deliver great results for making well-textured breads and dough either by hand or by machine.  These flours are milled from extra high protein, high gluten wheat and can be used for a variety of baking needs.


At ABC Bakery Supply, we offer an extensive line of unbleached and unbromated flours including:

Bouncer U&U H.G.

Occident U&U

Sir Lancelot U&U

Master Bakers U&U

Wingold Special U&U

Sir Galahad U&U

King Arthur Special U&U

Delivering a large selection of top and trusted brands!

Bakers/Bread Flours

This flour is ideal for finer bread making. It is premium flour milled from hard red winter wheat, more refined and slightly lower in protein.  It provides outstanding absorption, superior fermentation and great mixing tolerance, which result in a versatile application for other baked goods including yeast-risen pastries and laminated dough.


Among our Bakers Bread Flours we carry we have the following:

King Midas Bakers

King Arthur Brand Flours

Sir Lancelot

Wingold Special

Providing you with the ingredients to create greatness…!

Specialty Flours

At ABC Bakery Supply we carry a wide selection of specialty flours which can be used to make a variety of baked goods, prepared foods, batters, mixes and much more.  From bran, to corn, to all purpose, white rye, whole wheat, to semolina, all of our flours are available so our customers can create high quality and healthy products such as breads, pastas, noodles, pies, pizzas or even follow their favorite recipes.


Within our specialty flours we have the following selection:

Bran Flour

Corn Meal Y04 Coarse

Corn Meal Y09 Fine

Dark Rye Flour


H&R All Purpose

Pastry Flour

Pumpernickel Flour

Rey De Oro C.B.

ABC Special C.B.

Semolina Flour

Tigre De Oro C.B.

Yellow Corn Flour

White Rye

Whole Wheat Coarse

Whole Wheat Fine

Ultra Grain White Whole-wheat Flour

Mixes & Bases

At ABC Bakery Supply we offer an extensive line on mixes and bases!  From cakes, biscuits, brownies, donuts, pie mixes, to breading, our wide variety of options is available to create signature items that can please even the most demanding tastes.


Some of the products within our mixes and bases selection include the following:

Pillsbury Carrot Cake Mix

Pillsbury Crème Cake

Pillsbury Red Velvet

Pillsbury Chocolate Bakers

Pillsbury Yellow Cake Mix

Carrot Cake Mix

Chocolate Richcreme R&H

Cake Donut Mix

Yeast Raised Donut Mix

Pillsbury White Cake Mix


Our company distributes a large selection of sweeteners depending on the unique needs and specifications of our customers.  From molasses, to brown sugar, powdered sugar, to honey and corn syrup, we have the right product for the right application.  Some sweeteners such as corn syrup, are ideal for controlling sugar crystallization in candy, preventing the formation of ice crystals in frozen desserts, enhancing fresh fruit flavors, and balancing sweet and sour flavors. Others such as molasses deliver strong, sometimes-bitter flavors, dark colors, and can be great for healthier baking options.


Our selection of sweeteners includes:

Bakers Molasses

Corn Syrup

Dark Brown Sugar


Honey 60# Pail

Honey 1gl.

Hydra Star Sweetener

Lt. Brown Sugar

Powder Sugar 6x

Granulated Sugar


Selecting the right yeast for the creation of baked goods can have a large impact on the outcome of the products.  Yeast can affect the rising, development, flavor, aroma and texture of dough among others.  At ABC Bakery Supply, Inc. we offer a large array of yeast options, including active dry and instant, all to ensure that our customers are equipped with products that will deliver the desired results, that are convenient, efficient and that raise the bar on quality!


Our yeast product options include the following:

Baking Powder Fleishman

Baking Powder R. Star

Baking Soda

Bromate Tablets

Calcium Propionate

Dry Malt

Par-Lax Relaxer

Potassium Sorbate

Saf Gold

Saf Red

Surfax Caravan

Sodium Benzoate

Wet Yeast

Leavening & Preservatives

Preservatives play an important role in a variety of bakery goods, some of them prevent mold and contamination, extend the lifespan of products, act as stabilizers and add flavors.  Our company, ABC Bakery Supply offers a wide array of leavening and preservatives best known for their proven results.  We focus our efforts in supplying our customers with products that deliver maximum results, consistency in color, texture, flavors and quality above all.


Some of our leaving & preservatives include:

Baking Powder Fleishman

Baking Powder R. Star

Baking Soda

Bromate Tablets Gl.

Calcium Propionate

Citric Acid

Cream Of Tartar

Dry Malt

Par-Lax Relaxer

Potassium Sorbate

Saf Gold

Saf Red

Surfax Caravan

Sodium Benzoate

Shortenings & Oils

We understand that our customers are constantly seeking for healthy, high quality ingredients that will not compromise the taste of their baked products.  For forty years ABC Bakery Supply Inc., has devoted time and resources to find suppliers that offer proven options that enhance texture and flavors, and that result in appetizing foods for the end-consumer.


We have carefully selected a variety of shortenings and oils to satisfy the needs for almost all food applications.  Among our vast selection we offer the following:

Bunge Specialty Puff Paste

Bunge Do-100 Purpose. Veg. Short. Bunge

Bunge Do-100 Cake & Icing Veg. Short. Bunge

All Fresh Flake More Puff Paste

Bunge Vream NH Zero Trans Fats

Nutex Liquid Shortening Zero Trans Fats

Bunge Specialty Cake Shortening

Bunge Specialty Puff Pastry Shortening

Bunge Zero Trans Fats Puff Pastry Shortening

Bunge Vream All Purpose Shortening

Bunge X-Trude Croissant Margarine

Bunge E-Z Coat Pan Release

Pork Lard

Mineral Oil

P&G. Primex

P&G. Sweetex

Sprashort Caravan

Bunge Shasta Shortening

Fluid Flex

Clear Frying Oil

Vegetable Oil

Bunge Victor Margarine

Bunge Whirl Premium

Salt & Spices

At ABC Bakery Supply we know that salt and spices can deliver zesty, sweet, spicy, salty and even herby flavors to any baked products. Throughout our company’s existence, we have worked hard to bring our customers the best possible ingredients to make their products innovative, flavorful and high quality, which in return brings success to their businesses.


We offer a great variety of salt and spices guaranteed to deliver the final and signature touch that our customers seek to spice-up their baked goods.  Among our selection we offer:


Ground Ginger

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Sticks

Ground Cinnamon Bulk

Ground Nutmeg

Chopped Onion

Complete Seasonings

Cumin Powder

Garlic Powder


Salad Olives

Stuffed Whole Olives


Black Pepper

Sliced Sweet Pickles

Spanish Paprika

Sweet Relish

Rosemary Leaves

Boned Chicken

Diced Red Peppers

Tomato Puree

T.V.P. Colored Unflavored Textured vegetable Protein

Pizza Sauce

T.V.P. Uncolored Unflavored Textured vegetable Protein

Mashed Potato Powder

Dried Fruits

ABC Bakery Supply offers one of the most complete bakery supplies and equipment options in the area. We are passionate about our field and dedicated to finding the brands and products that can surpass our customers’ expectations and that will ultimately delight consumers.  Our dried fruit selection can be used in a variety of ways and for applications that include fine pastries, cakes, donuts, cobblers, cheesecakes and parfaits among others.


Our selection includes the following options:

California Raisins


Dry Cranberries

Green Glazed Cherries

Green Glazed Pineapple Slices

Maraschino Cherry

Pitted Prunes

Red Glazed Cherries

Tutti Frutti Mix (Mixed Peel)


At ABC Bakery & Equipment Supplies, we understand that when our customers look for quality products they come to us.  Our extensive line of fillings features delicious and unique flavors, as well as varying textures, from fruity to creamy, specialty fillings, donut fillings, gourmet, pastry, crème pie, whole and sliced fruit filings, solid, powdered, smooth vanilla, strawberry, to cream cheese, we have the perfect fit for the most demanding tastes.


Among our wide array of options, we offer:

Apricot Coating

Apricot Coating

Apricot Filling

Apple Filling

Apple Sauce

Banana Puree

Bavarian Crème

Caracas Fudge Base Caravan

Cherry Filling

Brill Chocolate Fudgeco

Brill Chocolate Ready Ice

Crushed Pineapple

Dribrite B F Caravan

Dulce De Leche

Dulce Repostero

Crème Fondant

Fruit Cocktail

Guava Filling

Guava Pulp

Hon-Ee Glaze Caravan

Kernel Paste

Kreamed Cheese Filling

Pineapple Filling

Strawberry Filling

Apple Pie Filling

Apple Turnover Filling

Apricot Coating

Lemon Filling

Macaroon Paste

Mango Pulp

Marshmallow Powder

Peach Halves

Sliced Pineapple

Pineapple Filling

Poppy Butter

Prune Lekvar

Puff & Pie Cream Caravan

Solid Pack Pumpkin

Raspberry Filling

Vanilla Light and Fluffy

White and Glossy

Wrap-Ice White

Glazes & Toppings

ABC Bakery Supply offers a complete selection of glazes and toppings to complement or add the final touch to any baked products.  From donut and pastry glazes, to fruit glazes, bread glazes and toppings, we carry a vast selection that is guaranteed to add shine and help preserve the freshness of any baked goods.


Our customers can select from the following:

Almond Paste

Apricot Coating

Apricot Glaze

Brill Chocolate Ready Ice

Brill Chocolate Ready Ice

Fresh Fruit Glaze

Mirroir Glaze

Strawberry Glaze

Strawberry Glaze

Bread Bases & Improvers

Our customers know that we have one of the most diverse selections of bakery supplies, ingredients and equipment in the area. In addition, ABC Bakery Supply offers cost effective solutions, on time delivery and superior customer service coupled with unrivaled product knowledge.  We service industries dedicated to baking goods and we understand that products such as bread bases and improvers are essential to achieve the best textures and flavors.


We carry a large selection of bread bases and improvers that includes:

8 Grain Bread Base Caravan

Baguette 09 Caravan

Big-7 Base Caravan

Dynamax Caravan

Dark Pump. Base Caravan

E-Bun Bread Base Caravan

Half N Half-Rye Mix Caravan

Im-Prove 200 Caravan

Krispy Italian Caravan

Puratos S500 Base

Sponge Chiffon Caravan

Tiger 2000 Puratos

Vital Wheat Gluten

Milk Products

ABC Bakery Supply delivers a broad portfolio of top quality products designed to help foodservice professionals create innovative, delicious appetizing flavors that will delight consumers. Milk products are essential to ensure rich, creamy, whole baked goods made to perfection by using the right type of ingredients and the right combinations.


Our company carries a selection of milk products that includes:

Evaporated Milk

Powder Milk Blend Hi-Heat

Powder Milk Blend Hi-Heat

Sweet Dairy Whey

Sweet. Condensed Milk

Starches & Seeds

ABC Bakery Supply offers great options of starches and seeds for our retail customers to create unique bakery combinations, flavors, textures and delicious treats that will please their customers.  Among some of our starches we offer cornstarch, which can be used as a thickener for pies, puddings, custards and cake fillings. In addition, we offer a variety of seeds including poppy seeds, which are known to add a very unique flavor and texture to breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, bagels and many more.


Additional starches and seeds options include:

Clear Jell

Col Flo 67 Starch

Instant Starch

Melojel Corn Starch

Poppy Seed

Caraway Seed

Sesame Seed

Sunflower Kernels

Coconut & Nuts

Our company distributes top of the line baking supplies, ingredients and equipment for a variety of needs and applications.  We understand that our customers are constantly seeking for bakery products that can meet the special demands of consumers, and therefore we have focused our efforts on selecting trusted brands and outstanding quality products and ingredients that we know will help them achieve their desired results.


We offer a large selection of coconut and nuts, which can deliver a variety of textures and flavors including sweet, salty, crunchy, crispy and chewy among others.


Among our options we carry the following:

Butter Scotch

Cocoa Powder

Coco Macaroon

Flaked Coconut

Sliced Almonds

Walnuts Pieces

Flavors & Colors

ABC Bakery Supply offers a great selection of flavors and colors for all bakery goods.  Our options are designed to offer high quality products that will enhance the flavors, appearances, textures and overall quality of baked goods that our customers strive to create for consumers.  We offer cost effective solutions from reputable brands that specialize in manufacturing high quality cake, pastry, bread mixes and confectionary decorating products.


Our customers know that they can rely on our expert staff to help them select the products that will deliver the best results for their bakery needs.

Among the flavors and colors that we carry are the following:

3 Star Essence Vanilla Flavor

Almond Flavor

Amaretto Flavor

Anis Flavor

Banana Flavor

Butter Flavor

Cherry Flavor

Chocolate Color

Coconut Flavor

Egg Yellow Color

Lemon Flavor

Mantecado Flavor

Orange Flavor

Pineapple Flavor

Red Color

Red Tomato Color

Jamaica Rum Flavor

Strawberry Flavor

Vanilla NC Art

Blue Color

Chocolate Color

Egg Yellow Color

Green Color

Lemon Yellow Color

Orange Color

Pink Color

Super Grape Color

Red Color

Rye Flavor

Caramel Color

Egg Shade Powder

Pippin Jelly Blue

Pippin Jelly Pink

Pippin Jelly Plain

Refrigerated Goods

ABC Bakery Supply Inc., offers a wide range of options of refrigerated goods for our customers in the bakery industry.  We are known for our reliable, consistent and experienced distribution services, our expert product knowledge, and our professional dedication to finding the best solutions for our customer’s needs and businesses.


Among our refrigerated selection we carry the following products:

Frozen Sugar Yolks Crèmes Unlimited Super 50 Whip Top Base

Top n Fill Cremosa Vanilla Icing

Crèmes Unlimited Super 50 Whip Topping Base

Crèmes Unlimited Whip Topping

Cheez-Blend Kraft

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Sprinkles

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cream Cheese

Frozen Danish Dough

Frozen Egg Whites

Veg. Margarine

Non Pareils

Frozen Puff Pastry Dough

Rainbow Sprinkles

Fresh Eggs X-Large

Tart Shells

Graham Tart Shells

Unsalted Butter

Frozen Egg Whites

Frozen Whole Eggs

Frozen Sugar Yolks

Top n Fill Chocolate Icing

Paper Goods

ABC Bakery Supply Inc., is a distribution leader of top branded bakery products, equipment and ingredients locally and nationwide.  For the past forty years we have been supporting the foodservice industry with our expertise, guidance, product support and knowledge, coupled with unparalleled customer service, to find the best options for our customers to deliver superior quality food one product at a time.


In addition to ingredients, we offer a wide array of paper goods that include the following:

Pan Handler

White Paper Bag

Cuban Bread Bags

Baking Cups

10"Cake Circles

12"Cake Circles

14"Cake Circles

16"Cake Circles

18"Cake Circles

4 Oz. Plastic Lids

Premium Pan Liner

Paper Sacks


Paper Twister

Paper Towels

Plastic Straws

Plastic T Shirt Bags

P.P. Twist Ties Roll

Wax Paper


Styrofoam cups

Styrofoam lids

One-stop solution distributor of quality bakery supplies and ingredients.

ABC Bakery distributes the most reputable bakery product brands.  Brands that specialize in manufacturing high quality cake, pastry, bread mixes and confectionary decorating products. Provide an extensive line of fillings with delicious flavors, and varying textures, including fruity, creamy, specialty fillings, donut fillings, gourmet, pastry, crème pie, whole and sliced fruit filings, solid, powdered, smooth vanilla, strawberry, and cream cheese.ABC Bakery Supply offers cost effective solutions, on time delivery and superior customer service coupled with unrivaled product knowledge. Leading wholesale supplier of tailored bakery items and solutions for food industry operators.Specialty flours including bran, corn, all purpose, white rye, whole wheat, semolina for breads, pastas, pies, noodles, pizzas and more.Carry a large selection of sweeteners for candy, desserts and many other bakery items for multiple baking options.